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Climate change is defined as the difference in statistical distribution of weather over a period of time that can vary from few years to thousands of centuries.  A climate change can be regarded as a change in the typical weather conditions or a change in the occurrence of weather events near an average. Furthermore, a climate change can also be specific to a particular region or can have its effects the world.  One of the major contributors to climate is global warming.  Global warming refers to the rise in temperature of earth atmosphere due to increase in the level of greenhouse gases such a CO2. Global warming is a certain reality that has gotten attention from scientists as well governments from around the world as it has been found to have an impact on environment, especially the Amazon rainforest.

However, difference of opinion exists in the literature on what has cause the global warming. Those who recognize the phenomenon of global warming as a consequence maintain that global warming is occurring as a result of human activities which have severely affected the environment. However, there are many who does not believe this theory and maintain that the global warming is a natural cycle and that the proofs and hype that is created for global warming is simply uncalled for (American Policy Centre).

Julie Kerr Casper PhD is a well known researcher and author of many books on environment. In her book “Changing Ecosystem”, Julie maintains that that Global warming is reality and presents the findings of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2006 and 2007 as a proof is indeed occurring due to humans. IPCC research compared the temperatures of the last decade with those occurring before the industrial age to conclude that though the cycle of temperature occurred naturally, the recent changes in temperature were much more radical than those occurring in previous years, hence it was related to the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere that trapped that heat in the earth atmosphere causing the temperature to rise more than normal. However, the author does not provide any information about the accuracy of the instrumentation that were used by IPCC as well as specific nature of the experiments and information about the environment in which they were conducted. In her book she also claimed that the global warming has also affected the oceans as they have become warmer.

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