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Globalization and modernity in the society has brought about the changes in family ties where the roles of women and men have changed greatly with new discipline measures and the divorce rate is getting high. The change in role of women and women may be as a result of single parenthood, death of partner, divorce, religion and culture. The main factor which influences the change in roles is due to globalization and economic hardship. Change is inevitable; roles keep on changing from one level to another.

The sources used in this article discuss different cultures in respect to Male/Female Roles in the Family, Discipline Techniques and Divorce Rates are:

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  5. Pongsapich, 1990.  Regional Workshop: Changing Family Patterns and Roles in Asia.
  6. Sing JP, Problems of India’s Changing Family and State Intervention.

The article tends to evaluate the roles of women and men in family, disciplinary techniques used and divorce rates based on facts from different cultures and family structures as described by different sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists.

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