Sample Term Paper

Ever since the product is launched, the ultimate goal of Apple’s iphone is to differentiate the product from the existing smart phones in the market. The objective of differentiation is to create customer value on the basis of product’s features, price and innovation (El-Hadidy, Gaber. et al n.d). Iphone capitalizes on its features and differentiated design.

These features are the key strengths for apple iphone that creates a strategic objective for the company. For instance, touch screen innovation which is patented and compatibility with other apple products such as Mac OS, Ipad and apple TV (Alex 2007). The idea behind creating strategic objectives is to align the company’s mission with the marketing plan that supports the strategy devised for a product. Moreover, the identification of a relevant target market is equally important to see whether the segment is receptive to a product or not. This whole process is a strategic step towards developing the marketing objective (Alen n.d).

            Apple believes in integrated technological advancements. All apple products are highly compatible with each other and give an extra edge to consumer convenience in all areas. The core objective of iphone is to maximize the sales volume and increase its market share in the smart phone market. Apple had to push its corporate mission statement further in the market with threats of some big competitors like Microsoft. Keeping this in mind, iphone was made the strongest brand in the market by developing its key features such as: applications, emailing and gaming (Rubicon 2008).

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