Sample Term Paper

Punishment is mostly regarded as good and one of the most important approaches to minimize crime. Criminal punishment ranges from capital punishment to community services depending on the magnitude of the crime and penalties approved for such crimes. The main reason for punishing criminal persons is to ensure that they change from their behavior and integrate well with their immediate society (Cooks & John, 1999, p.53). On the other hand punishment may equally be regarded as bad in circumstances where it results in the worsening of individual character once they are released back to society after completing their terms in prisons, rehabilitation centers or community homes.

The penal sector

The penal sector clearly stipulates the classification of and penalties for crimes. This sector classifies crime as physical, biological, destructive, violent, minor and their specific penalties. Physical crime, is defined as crime that involves the use of instance-wise enumerable objects as tools in the causation of the crime (p.58); biological crime is one in which the metabolic, biochemical, physiological status of the victim is altered through exposure to a chemical, use of a machine, through unarmed assault or exposure to a combination of the mentioned; a violent crime on the other hand is defined as a biological crime in which the victim has no substantial control over the action taken by the perpetrator, by reason of over-empowerment, or by dint of being uninformed.

The penalties for criminal acts include incarceration, maximum punitive labor, compensation, the payment of fines among others. Incarceration mostly covers crimes that are termed as biological, destructive or theft. In addition the penalties for crime are not to be colored by variations in the difficulty of detecting the crime, identifying the perpetrator, apprehending the perpetrator and proving the responsibility of the perpetrators in a court of law (p.59).

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