Sample Term Paper

The role of media is moderated by the government to a great extent with several Chinese news channels being run directly by the state. Such control of the media, it is said, will never allow independent views to be aired to the public (Zhongguo 153). The government also is said to go to special lengths to quell any mention of democracy within China and any sort of expression of support or solidarity for the self determination of contentious colonies under the control of the People’s Republic of China.

This includes the region of Tibet bordering India which is linked with an independence movement from the mainland. Any reference to the breakaway island of Taiwan as being an independent entity, not under the jurisdiction of the Chinese mainland is further frowned upon and punished by the state (Zhongguo 193). Even the internet is said to be heavily moderated with content that supports Taiwan or the Free Tibet Movement being censored and violations of viewer ship being brutally punished with torture and other means so as to deter the population.

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