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The writer John Steinbeck, in his book “The Grapes of Wrath” (Steinbeck, 2002), named Route 66 the “Mother Road” and described the tryst of thousands of people who traveled by this Mother Road during the Great Depression in search of work and an enhanced standard of living. In 1946, popular singer Nat King Cole released a song called “Route 66.” (A Rolling History of Americans on the Move, 2010)

In the aftermath of the World War II, soldiers returned to their homelands and rebuilt their lives by starting families. Businesses transferred themselves to the edges of cities where suburbs were developing. Most families in these growing communities had cars, bicycles or motorcycles as accessible means of transportation. This relocation of businesses and people to the suburbs, away from the hub of the city hampered the economy of downtown areas. Major progressive transportation projects were designed to support downtown development.

“Over the next five decades, this scenario was dramatically altered. By the early 1960s, an American traveling from one city to another would probably have flown or gone by automobile. In most cases, a traveler would have been hard pressed even to arrange a convenient trip by rail or ship. Most of the interurban commuter railroads had long since expired, and the mainline railroads had steadily reduced passenger service as patronage declined. By the 1960s a trip by automobile would most likely have been made over a network of multilane, limited-access freeways and highways that by then crisscrossed not only the countryside but also the cities as well.

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