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Fitzgerald uses different symbols to satisfy the corruption of the American dream: the most rewarding of all symbols is greed for wealthy. Settlers came toAmericain the very beginning with one aim, a better life. The better life later became the American Dream, which meant a life in pursuit of love, freedom, wealth, family, equality, and opportunity. These dreams were overshadowed by the strong urge for material possessions. The American dream pushed people who were mad about wealth into crime and immoral behavior.

This novel is generally a social critique since immoral traits are seen in the character ofJordan. She deceives during one of her golf tournaments and in another instance persuades Daisy to have an affair with Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s expression of the American dream is the key theme of the novel. He has also shown the moral decay of the Jazz age. In the 1920’s people had found freedom and new riches and started living lives that lacked a good sense of ethical codes and moral values. They did not have any regard for anyone who was not a part of the new social class. Fitzgerald gives us the idea of the discrimination that took place against women and non-whites. The fact is that he was not criticizing the dream itself, but its demise. Gatsby required his good house, fame and money before he could feel convinced about winning back Daisy. As the story ends, it is quite evident that the writer is attempting to show the sexism and racism that reflects the life of Americans in the 1920’s. A good example of this is seen when Gatsby acquired his fortune through crime. This is clearly an unfilled form of success. People in the poem symbolizes those who were always engaging themselves in parties, having affairs and ruining old values by the great desire for power and wealth.

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