Sample Term Paper

Most of them are in constant search for wealth, success, glamour and crave pleasure to feel complete about themselves. The characters amass wealthy by capitalizing on an identity which lacks moral values. Mr. Gatsby becomes rich in a very short span of time because he chooses to ignore moral responsibilities and engages himself in the trafficking of alcohol.

Jay’s desire to climb up the social ladder portrays that wealth was a necessity for people living in this era. Surrounded by a climate of greed, relationships are no longer founded on the grounds of trust but of self-interest. There was a political change for women during the First World War, which forced them to break gender barriers. They made entry into the workforce taking positions that were occupied by men who had gone to war. Their consistent absence from home changed a common perception of their position in the society. After women gained the right to vote, there was an official declaration of the changed feminine roles.

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