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Sample The Greater Good Paper

The legend of Saint George describes how a city was plagued by a dragon. Every week the people of the city would give a maiden to the dragon as a sacrifice for fear that the dragon would destroy them all.

These are ancient examples of sacrifices made for the greater good. In more recent times, let us look at the stem cell controversy. Proponents of stem cell research argue that the number of medical advances that could potentially be made due to such research could bring about so many benefits for mankind that the death of the embryos required to create such cells is trivial and acceptable. The controversy surrounding animal testing is similar to this. In both examples, a smaller, less important life form is exploited or killed in order to help a greater species, exploited or killed for the greater good. Science too has found a use for this phrase.

Thus we can see that while the meaning of the phrase has essentially remained the same, the way it has been used, in particular to advocate and justify appalling and cruel actions, has generally changed the way this phrase is viewed for the worse.

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