Sample Term Paper

In this story, a woman by the name of Atalanta happens to the female hero. This girl was born to a man by the name of Iasion who dislike that fact that Atlanta is a girl when he wanted baby boys. He therefore orders that Atalanta to be killed. It is from this unfortunate discrepancy that she gets separate from her family and the entire society. Up to this part of the story, it is evident that the Greek told this story to show that girl children were not regarded as important as it was for boys. According to Burkert (1987, P. 18), this tale aims to show that anybody great or heroic in future begins with a lot of trials and tribulations some of which they may not be able to overcome.

This mythological female hero as it turns later is given to a man who was assigned the role of disposing her. This man did however not kill her but rather went to a mountain called Parthenion and put her in a cave in the rocks that was surrounded by dense trees. He leaves this little girl there alone in a strange environment where she had very little chances of surviving thus the story shows hat not everybody is likely to agree with anybody even if all other people agree.

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