Sample Term Paper

Areas covered by the researchers in the study performed included the manner in which habits are developed as a result of exposure to goals such that they become sensitive to context based cues, the development of habits from goals and the role of goals in the instigation of habit development.

The term paper was written on the basis of a highly thorough research and it was clear that the researchers had considered the secondary analysis of the subject of the research extensively. However, it was observed that the primary research performed in the study had not been given a priority level similar to that of secondary research and the existence of this phenomenon served to raise a question of the authenticity of the findings. This is because of the fact that the research findings and the model presented in the conclusion came forth as rather retrospective rather than one that could be expected to be compatible with future trends in habit development and self-regulation.

It was observed that the researchers were in a position where they considered the role of goals to be empirical in not only the development of habits but also considered goals to be an essential part of the context based comprehension of the surroundings carried out by an individual (Wood & Neal, 2007). The research showed that there was a strong need to develop a more thorough understanding of the variables that influence behavioral control since behavioral control has become deeply interlinked and perhaps reliant on context based cues as they are perceived.

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