Sample Term Paper

According to this principle, hacking is a very useful tool for ensuring security of a system. Hacking is always courteous as it allows hacker to find out the security holes and then tell people how to fix them. It also helps a person in realizing that in some cases total security is unachievable with making a significant sacrifice (Rockenbach, Mendina and Almango 2003).


Hacking refers to the act of gaining access to a system without permission or authority. Despite the fact that hacking is taken negatively and the popular belief that hackers break all rules, the hacking community has it own philosophy and principles which are required to be abided by any hacker that becomes part of the hacker community. The original hacker ethics or principles were documented in 1984 and promoted freedom of information, access to computers for all and improvement of the world. However, with the advancement of technology and new regulations, these ethics have been revised; however, their core values remain the same. These ethics now not only promote the safety of systems and privacy of people but the use of hacking as great learning tool and a mean to self defence.

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