Sample Term Paper

This story Harrison Bergeron is written by Vonnegut who depicts the conflict in society through it. The story is placed in 2081 when the government, in trying to minimize inequality in the society enforces communistic values and principles in the society. The main theme of the story is conflict where the author shows how the powerful are able to exploit the weak and a situation of conflict exists. The book goes against the demand for equality and negative use of media because according to the author, enforcing equality would mean that those people with higher intellect and better skills would be treated in the same manner, and would in fact result in the oppression of more intelligent individuals, and this is the thesis of this argument.

 The writer shows this conflict by symbolizing two types of citizens in which one type completely follows the government blindly to avoid punishment and the other type fights back for attaining the rights rather than being a dumb follower of the rules. There are three main characters in the story who are Harrison Bergeron, George Bergeron and Hazel Bergeron. George is the subdued character, which is evidenced by his dialogues “I don’t mind he said, I don’t notice it anymore it’s just a part of me” these lines depict his innocence by showing how his will was finished by the government who handicapped him by keeping him in jail for two years .Additionally he was afraid of fighting and disobeying authority so  he gave up his  will to fight back and started following the government blindly to avoid punishment for breaking the law.

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