Sample Term Paper

Herzberg classified the human needs into two factors which are

  1. Hygiene or extrinsic factor
  2. Motivators or intrinsic factors

The hygiene factors primarily comprise of the administration, supervision, working conditions, and salary, and if these needs are not satisfied the employee may become dissatisfied with the job. Similarly the second kind is that of the motivators that include recognition of their job, responsibility and growth. These needs are fulfilled by an individual’s work and performance at the job (Dawson, 1987).

After we have analyzed the most important theories of motivation it could be said that there is no fixed pattern from which a person can become motivated. It is often observed that professionals that are on the upper management of an organization are not much motivated by the extrinsic factors reason being they have made enough money, they have all the luxuries in the life and their basic needs are fulfilled so money is not a motivational factor for them. What motivates them is a challenging job, or a new venture, or some creative job where they can demonstrate their skills. This might not be the case for a mid level manager when his physiological and safety needs are fulfilled but the quality of life that he has in his mind is not yet achieved. This means that until that need is not fulfilled he would not move up to the other need (Kulkaa, 2005).

A survey was conducted in order to know that what motivated the employee most and the overall perception that was acquired was that it was cold hard cash that makes people come to work every morning.  Lots of surveys and studies have been conducted lately to investigate the factor which is most crucial for employee motivation and not surprisingly the finding of the survey showed that still there are majority of people who prefer money as motivational factor over other non monetary benefits. The reason why there is a high tendency of money as motivator is because of the high inflation and other economic situations where people are not much sure about their current job and want to make more and more money so as to secure their future. But still a proper balance should be maintained between the monetary benefits and non monetary benefits for the reason that you cannot motivate everyone with the same yardstick.

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