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Hills like white elephants, is a sort story written by Ernest Hemingway. It is an important piece of Ernest’s work from his second collection of short stories Men without women. Hills like white elephants could be tagged as one of the best writings by Earnest’s. What makes Ernest’s Hills like white elephants so fascinating is that almost after 9 decades it is still read and it is Ernest’s fictional masterpiece.

One of the traits of Ernest’s writing is that it is very less descriptive without much detail which compels the reader to put in some extra effort and decode it (Flanders para.1).

Born on July 21’ 1899 Earnest was an American writer and journalist. He received the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the noble prize in literature in 1954. Hills like white elephants can be stated as a classic example of Ernest’s work where he just shares enough to keep the reader interested in the story. This omission of detail could be found in most of Ernest’s work.

Characters of the story:

The story revolves around two characters Jig a woman travelling in Europe with her male partner. Throughout the story Ernest does not reveal the relationship between the two; however it appears that they are girlfriend and boyfriend. The man traveling with Jig is only identified as the American.


Surroundings of the story is something like that it is set up in the mid of 1920’s at a station in Zaragoza a city in northeastern Spain where the couple is waiting for the train to Madrid.

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