Sample Term Paper


In today’s world, the Internet has become part of our lives. Not only it has provided businesses with a new medium where they are reach large audiences in a much more effective and easier way, it has also provided the home users with a new source of education, entertainment as well as information.

On one hand, news websites such as BBC and CNN and encyclopedia websites website such as Wikipedia act as a great source of information, while one the other hand, social website such asĀ  MySpace, Facebook and YouTube allow people to connect to each other and exchange links and other media with each other. Furthermore, Internet also provides a cheap way for people to communicate with each other (Levine, Young and Baroudi). With the advancement in telecommunication technology, the Internet speeds have grown faster as well. The older dial-up connection of 56kbps is now considering obsolete and has been replaced by advanced technologies such as DSL, Cable Internet. The advancement in telecommunication has also facilitated the end user as well by allowing the abilities to roam through wireless connectivity. Today, a large number of home in US use wireless technology to connect their laptops and computers to their Internet devices, regardless if their Internet connection is wired or wireless (Ferris, Briere and Hurley). However, one important issue of a home network is its security. In this paper, we take a look at different security mechanism that is used for security and wireless home network. However, it is equally important to discuss the significance of security.

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