Sample Term Paper

Some researchers have presented the case studies to show how an immigrant family faces problems for getting their children admitted in public schools to benefit from cheap education that is the very basic right of a person. The children would face problem if their mother tongue is not understood by others. They not only face obstacle in progressing in their class but also would fail to intimidate with their fellows. Similarly Gender can act as an obstacle for children from immigrant families.

In the school a girl is told not ‘to wear a religious symbol that is important to her’ or if the girl is an ‘accomplished dancer’ and she is told that she ‘can not apply to the district’s special school for the performing arts’ because there is no English as a ‘second language’ she would face problem (Muy & Congress, 2009, p.231).

The issues of sexuality also pose problems for the immigrants for accessing the basic rights. Many people(gay and lesbians, transgender) originated from other countries who wish to join their partners in the U.S face many problems in the legitimatization of their partnership. Antiimmigrant feelings regarding the deviance in sexual relationships is not novel in the policies of the United States of America and the identity of the immigrants had been a question mark only due to the policies of the U. S.

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