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Following are some of the affects that the American society suffers because of the illegal immigrants.

  • $22 billion is spent every year on the welfare on their welfare by the government.
  • $2.5billion is spent every year on the their medical services
  • $12 billion is spent every year on the primary and secondary education of the children who cannot speak a word of English. This is an eye opener nearly $200 billion per year is stamped down American wages which is caused by these illegal immigrants.

Another societal aspect on which has been affected by this is the educational system. The American schools are facing some serious troubles in maintaining their budgets as more and more children of illegal immigrants are growing in ranks. The United States law states that all illegal immigrants have the access to free education till K-12 grade. As the illegal immigrant does not pay the taxes the cost of this education is paid by the legal tax payer. The monetary cost of educating the illegal immigrants is very high; it is almost touching $30 billion. Apart from the fiscal side of the problem the quality has also suffered. The size of classes has increased which is ultimately resulting in lower quality education. Other issues are also reported like teacher lay off’s, fewer text books, sports activities etc.

The housing sector or the mortgage sector has also been affected. Higher rents have been core reason of increase in inflation for the simple reason that the 20million illegal immigrants that are living in the country needs shelter where they can live. The banks provide them with loans to make their own profit and the immigrants use that money in purchasing or renting the houses. Its simple demand and supply phenomenon that is applied here (The Patriot, 2007).

20 million is not a small figure and because of these people the prices of houses form purchasing or the rate of rent gets high. For the sake of these 20 million illegal immigrants the rest of the American suffers in making high payment of rents.

According to research an estimated amount 11million undocumented immigrants are living in America. 56% of them are coming from Mexico, 22% from Latin America. Among these, two third of them are living here for around 10 years (Right Truth, 2006). Although immigration is very important in America’s success as a state, but there are two sides of a coin. There are some short comings of them also which have been discussed. Now a day several illegal immigrants are getting benefits from the government facilities but they are reluctant to attain a regular citizenship reason being they would have to pay tax afterwards. The United States should make necessary adjustments to their immigration policies. The loop holes that have been identified should be covered so that the average American should not suffer neither the other sectors.

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