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The process of chromatography can be illustrated by the example presented in the provided video. In this video, chromatography was performed on a sample of grape juice, resulting in the separation of two components of dyes which were used to give color to the purple drink.  The stationary phase used in this example is a filter paper while water has been used as the mobile phase. The substrate in this example is grape drink. In the example, the substrate is dashed on the stationary phase with the help of micro pipette. The points on which substrate is placed is marked earlier with the help of a pencil (Thinkwell Chemistry, 2010).

Preparation of Micropipettes

Micropipettes can be prepared from regular pipette with the help of a Bunsen burner. The procedure to prepare micro pipettes from a regular pipette involves heating the regular pipette over the blue flame of the burner. The pipette needs to be rotated as well as moved from side to side so that all parts of the pipette are heated equally. When the pipette is about to melt, the pipette is stretched resulting in the creation of a thin straight glass fiber. This fiber can then be cut into small pieces which can be used to place substrate on the filter paper in the stationary phase (Thinkwell Chemistry, 2010).

Separation of Components

After the preparation of stationary phase, the filter paper is then placed in the mobile phase that is water contained in a beaker. The level of the water is kept below the points on which substrate is placed, to allow the water to rise through capillary motion (Thinkwell Chemistry, 2010). Putting the substrate in the mobile phase allows for the separation of different components of the drink with dyes and solvent moving away from their initial positions at different speeds. After the sufficient time, the filter paper is taken out and the distance that both dyes and the solvent have moved away from their initial position is measure. This is done by using a scale and the measurement has been done in millimeters they have moved. These values are then used to calculate the Retention Factor (Rf) which is given by

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