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A large number of SMEs that were selected for this research had opted for using web forms, which resulted in additional software and hardware cost. This selection was made on the basis that SMEs wanted their ERP to be accessible from everywhere, so that the employees are able to respond to the needs of the organization regardless of their location.

– It was found that the cost of hardware and software grew as the organizations expanded. This also required enhancements to the existing infrastructure of SMEs, which led to increase in total cost of ownership of the ERP. This cost was incurred mostly in terms of computer hardware upgrades and software upgrades.

– A number of security measures were taken by SME in order to protect the data that were stored on the ERP. It was also found that while SMEs were worried about threats from both within and outside the organization to the ERP, specifically, there primary concern was related to the use of spyware, which could make them lose their competitive advantages through illicit transfer of information.

4.6 Summary

This chapter provided a detailed analysis of the data that was collected using the data collection tools selected for this research. This chapter started by providing a brief introduction and then moved on to the discussion of survey questionnaire. The questionnaire that was used for this survey contained both short and descriptive questions related to various technical features of ERP and how they were implemented and used. This chapter then discussed the composition of the target group that was used for the survey. The individuals in this target group were selected on the basis of their experience in the implementation and use of ERP systems. These individuals included senior managers, manager, software developers as well as users of ERP system. This was followed by the detailed analysis of the data which forms the core of this chapter. Implementation and use of various technical features were analysed and on the basis of this analysis, findings were included at the end of this chapter.

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