Sample Term Paper

The implications of the Education Act of 1870 can be comprehended by considering the fact that the English System underwent a rapid change in the system after the introduction of the Education Act of 1870. Education gained importance and prominence after the introduction of this Act since before the introduction of this Act, Education was not given its primary importance and higher classes of society had no interest in propagating the cultural development of lower working classes.

Before the Education Act of 1870, child labour had gained prominence and the employment of children was considered more worthy than their education. Secular education was not looked upon as a favourable idea since it was considered that the masters of the school would all come from the church.  We can concur in light of this discussion that as a result of the establishment of the Education Act of 1870, the acknowledgement of the importance of education in society has come a long way and in doing so, has served to broaden the profession of teaching alongside.

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