American Psychological Association (2005) articulates that it is important to appreciate individual counseling as it creates an environment where clients would want to distinguish themselves from the rest of the clients. Various clients in a group suffer from different psychological problems and traumas (ibid). Subsequently, the process of healing is different as it may range from personal to societal problems.

In particular, a rapist requires intensive counseling and follow- up measures to assist them to fit in the society after the process of counseling. Stigma associated with rape could even present the rapist with other psychological problems even after the counseling process is over.  While this is true for a rapist, it is different for other clients whose problems are personal like drug abuse whose stigma is not as overwhelming as that that a rapist would face. This is an ethical consideration that counselor ought to look into while prescribing a specific therapy. As such, individual counseling would best suit a rapist as opposed to a group therapy.

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