Sample Term Paper

This term paper is based on a very growing management phenomenon which is proving out to be the main point of difference between organizations. In this era of intense competition organizations are mainly focuses on cutting their cost from every possible way and one way of doing that is to reduce the waste or in other words improving quality. One of the techniques on which the organizations are working is “Six Sigma” 6σ (Ramberg, 2000).

What is 6σ?

6σ is basically a business management tool which seeks to perk up the quality of output by identifying and eliminating the loop wholes that causes disruption and errors during the manufacturing and production of any product. The basic objective of 6σ is to achieve the level of product quality which meets and exceeds the demands of the customer. At the same time it helps the organization in cost reduction and eventually in the increment of profit (Rai, 2009).

General electric is one of the early adopters of the 6σ program and they consider it as a methodology of defining, measuring, analyzing and improving the quality in every single product of the company with the ultimate objective of eradicating all defects.

To implement a successful 6σ program there are certain mechanisms that should be kept in account. They are as follows.

  1. Selecting the right focus area:

In this step analysis of the patterns of behavior that are responsible for that particular event which is causing disruption.

  1. Identifying the constraints:

In this step identification of the problematic areas are done that are creating hurdles in the process line to reach its potential.

  1. Collection of Data:

To learn more about the process that is being followed data is collected from various sources; this helps the practitioners to get a better idea about the patterns and procedures that are followed.

  1. Developing a case:

Finally with the help of the information a case is build taking in account the current market practice and industry benchmark.

  1. Managing change:

Because 6σ is all about changing the process it is quiet that natural that people resist it. In this case the practitioners should take in confidence the people and use data to support the change.

In short 6σ is proving out to be a great strategy in regards of its accomplishment of goals. Many U.S firms have successfully adopted it and achieved desired results. The single most important thing that needs to be remembered is to prepare a ground for it and keeping the important stakeholders inform.

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