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Organizations, both civilian and military have come to increasingly rely on information technology in order to make use of information for their own benefit. However, the increasing reliance of these organizations on information has also increased their vulnerability in hostile situations where the information they heavily rely on for their functionality and existence can be used to bring harm to them. Information Warfare refers to the act of using information as a weapon against competitors or enemy.

There are three main objectives in Information Warfare. The first objective is to use the attacker’s own information as well as associated system to gain advantage over enemies or competitors. The second object of information warfare is to protect own information and associated system from activities that could bring to harm by intent or accident. And lastly, Information warfare is about formulating strategies and action which would produce detrimental effects on enemies or competitors. Information warfare, or electronic assaults, are fully capable of disrupting power grids, crashing financial network and bring transportation system, telecommunication infrastructure as well as other vital services to a grinding halt. Hence, information warfare, which include electronic warfare, military deception , psychological operation and information security have actively become part of conventional warfare, and countries such as United States have used it  with success in recent conflicts (For example, war in Iraq and Afghanistan)  (Vacca, 2005).

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