Sample Term Paper

The infrastructure of the country was driven by the regional and central banks which were owned by the government. This strict control over the resources allowed the country to provide for its corporate as well as the public sector in terms of resources and funds for their development.This came to be known as the capitalistic form of economy where everything was driven by one entity usually the state. The capital structure of the country in this case was driven through the central bank or the central monetary reserve of the region.


“Specifically, with the exception of a flirtation with equity finance during the bubble years, there have been only limited changes in household savings behavior and company demand for finance. The reasons for this, which have been explored elsewhere, include the relatively low levels of inequality in Germany (and thus a relatively large, risk-averse, savings- oriented middle income group) and the characteristics of the German production system (capital-intensive manufacturing with a large SME sector)” (Vitols, 2004)


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