Sample Term Paper

Over time, numerous schools of thought in almost every area of life have come forth. Each school of thought represents a distinct ideology and set of beliefs. This fact remains true for almost every aspect of man’s modern day world and the submission to a school of thought is no longer a question of ideology but is now considered to be nothing less than a question of identity. While these schools of thought appear to be formal channels through which each ideology can be represented, the fact remains that as time passed by, the presence of multiple schools of thought have only served to increase conflicts, discrepancies and differences between the people who submit to them. A central leader figure will allow the realization of different schools of thought along with the recognition that they merit. The presence of a central leader figure shall allow the strengthening of lines and limits between the right to live one’s life and the right to let other live their lives in peace.

Man has made countless innovations and developments through time and each innovation and development is welcomed for the benefits that it brings to society. As each new discovery and development comes forth, lives are seemingly made easier and more convenient. However, the fact of the matter remains that all of these inventions and innovations come together to form a vague body of knowledge that exists without direction. The essential fact remains that this body of knowledge is no more different than a body of people without a leader. The need for a leader therefore is undeniable in this regard. It will allow modern day man to make use of developments and innovations in a manner so that there is no room for conflict and paradox to be generated. While the purpose of the presence of a central leader figure is to eradicate this conflict and paradox it is not to create an establishment where peace prevails as a result of conformity either. The purpose is to create a pivotal figure from where the source of conflicts can be eradicated. By taking away the right to self-bestow freedom and to exercise it, the central leader figure will be able to ensure that freedom is not exploited and is given the respect and relevance it merits.

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