Sample Term Paper

Intelligence and wisdom are the main qualities of an individual’s personality, it is the

Ability to recognize our own feelings and the feelings of other people, a wise person has a lot of intelligence, it is learning that creates more intelligence, a man can learn fast by intelligence as he can survey and adapt himself to the situation promptly. Intelligence and wisdom are involved with intellectual sentiments that are directed to the objects of our thought, arguments, beliefs, opinions, judgments, right and wrong, true and false; such sentiments involve the intellectual judgment. Intelligence wisdom is the ability to recognize our own feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves. Thinking is the attempt to solve a problem, thinking is a natural process; it is the mind that controls our actions and reasoning is the highest form of thinking. The brain controls the power of mind, it is the nature of mind as it grows and works in human beings and animals, is known as psychology and it is related to learning; Intelligence is developed through learning it is a process of making discoveries from previous experiences it helps us to make sense out of the world around us, intelligence is developed through trial and error, the roots of  Intelligence and Wisdom are deeply rooted in our cultural traditions which affect the human mind these are the most important factors of personality growth, all factors are interdependent and inter-related, intelligence is influenced  more by attitudes and social relationships that affect the power of mind.

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