Sample Term Paper

The sun that rose on September 11th 2001 brought with it self tremendous amount of issues. Several questions were raised, the answer of whom the world would find later on. What is said and widely believed is that four passenger jets were hijacked by the terrorist out of whom three flew towards Washington DC and New York and the fourth one was subsequently heading towards White House but crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania. Out of the other three one each hit the twin tower of the World Trade Centre and the last one stroked the Pentagon.

Not only the political environment was changed but apart from that the personal life of most of the people around the world also changed in a profound way. Questions of security pervade became common, and comments like whether a destinations is considered safe or not became a routine matter. Airports and other passages were cordoned for security checks; in short life became very hard for a normal citizen ever since these terrorist activities (Krauthammer 2002).

One very important development which took place soon after the terrorist attacks was that, all of a sudden there was a debate that started on international security, and previously what it was called the post cold war era now became the post 9/11 world. Credit must be given to the American supremacy and their domination in world affairs that how they handled the whole event. All of a sudden it was termed as international terrorism which became a serious threat to the U.S security and it was also accepted by many as a severe confrontation that the world would going to face in the coming days (Smith 2002).

To an extent it was right that the incident was very bad for the U.S and so as for the rest of the world, reason being the heavy influence which the U.S has in the world economically and politically. Also another question that was raised that time was that if the world’s most powerful nation could face such audacious terrorist attempt than the other small nations were always at risk (Weber 2005).

According to Charles Salmon, former foreign policy adviser of the Commander –in- chief U.S pacific command “There is nothing so alarming as the idea that a nonstate actor could do so much damage”

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