Sample Term Paper

This step would serve as a great morale booster for these players which could then possibly serve as promoters of the competition in Europe through indirect means. The European Market is a good place to start the internationalization of the Players Championship. As golf is considered an expensive sport, which requires a person to invest significantly in gear, the European market is perfectly suited for this requirement as the average earning of a number of countries in Europe is very similar to that of US, hence the competition would get less affected by the price sensitivity of the people. European people already spend a significant amount of their earning on playing and watching sports that they are interested in and the Players Championship could capitalize on this fact (PGA Tour, 2010).

The Product that would be marketed by the PGA Tour would be the European Players Championship. This competition would have the same rules and regulation as the Players Championship that is organized at Sawgrass. However, this competition would be more suited to European conditions and playing style of European players. This tournament would be played at a selected venue which would only be moved under special circumstances. The promotion of this tournament would be done through the original Players Championship which would include more European players that the PGA tour can use to market itself in Europe. The promotion of the tournament can also be done through media such TV channels and newspapers in Europe. For distribution of tickets as well as sales of merchandise a separate web portal can be launched which would only be used for European Players Championship promotion. Promotion can also be done through the use of competition on various media such as through websites or through newspapers where the participants would be asked questions that would promote the Players Championship and its European counterpart. The tickets would be made available at a similar price to that of the original Players Championship, however, in the start, a sponsorship can be acquired to subsidize the prices of tickets so that the tournament could be promoted more easily (PGA Tour, 2010).

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