Sample Term Paper

The need to understand how one becomes an Afghan translator or what it means to become an interpreter in Afghanistan requires case study in order to move beyond the case instrument. The case is instrumental to accomplishing something other than understanding the particular individual (Stake, 1995). The inquiry is an instrumental case study. Even single case studies can be used to represent an extreme or unique case (Yin, 1994).

                                                      Theoretical Framework

            The major theoretical consideration for the proposed study is the translator’s role in bridging distinct and multinational ISAF workforce as agent for post-conflict development and of Afghanistan officials and peoples using language as a tool of communication in transmitting relevant information in the conduct and the performance of ISAF’s mandates.  The study draws on the role of translator as an interpreter of not only language but also of culture. Al-Khafaji (2006) stated that cultural norms are reflected in the language shared within a culture. Consequently, phrases and words tend to change over time to reflect a changing culture.

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