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And finally, the concept of “shared services” will also be tackled in detail in this proposal which refers to the actual sharing of services by an assigned unit/department whose rendered services come from various departments or groups of individuals (Gardner, 2006). The trend in shared services among many financial institutions was simply brought about by the changes in the global environment wherein these organizations thrive as well as the changing demands of global financial sector as a result of globalization. All these given concepts all interrelate with one another and are helpful in addressing the core issue identified in this research proposal.

Combining all the above concepts of “IT risk management”, “shared services”, “globalization” and “organizational design”, there is undoubtedly a need to reconcile all these concepts as currently, there are very few research and case studies which attempt to link the said concepts together in order to come up with a strong case point. This research study is therefore unique and distinctly important because it addresses the existing gap in the relationship and relevance of each of the abovementioned concepts with one another.

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