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Apart from the theme of family and friendship, the book also throws light on the precarious status of the community of the Japanese immigrants in the United States of America. The immigrants of the U.S. lived life of poverty and unemployment as a consequence of the discrimination faced by the immigrants. Yuki’s ‘strange world of dreams and nightmares’ has nothing different with the life of the Japanese community in the U.S as the petty condition of her ‘apartment’ at ‘Salt Lake City’ reflects the  ignominious dilemma (Uchida 4). Even her abode was ‘found fo them’ by the minister of Japanese church’ than the U.S government (Uchida 4). The ‘Japanes’ community was ‘excluded from the West Coast by law’ (Uchida 8). Yuki’s family, including her father, mother and ‘big brother’ Ken, were left to Topaz, ‘one of the World War concentration camps where all the Japanese of the West Coast had been sent by the government’ (Uchida 4).

The author shows how the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanes government jeopadized the security and survival of the Japanese community in the U.S. Moreover the U.S. not only retaliated the attack on Pearl Harbor by the atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the government of the U.S. ushered a policy of revenge and non-acceptance against the Japanese who have settled in the U.S. for many years and were providing, like other immigrants, multiple benefits to the U.S. The president of the U.S. announced callously to send the Japanese in America to be thrown in the ‘concentration camps’ which the ‘government’ has designed specifically to deal with a heavy hand with their enemies (Uchida 4).

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