Sample Term Paper

According to this theory, the workers would feel motivated if they are provided with more challenging and varied work forms. This theory was a revolution as it identified the need for the workers to move beyond the pay systems as the only motivating device available. If one was to apply the above to the model of education in the UK, in the recent past what one witnessed was a revolution in the English Education system as it was recognized during the Labour Party’s reign that improving the teachers’ pay was an insufficient measure to attain better performance amongst teachers. What was equally important was the fact that the teachers were provided with improved school systems and hence, a revolution took place in the English school system (, 2001).

From the curriculum to the student’s facilities, everything was modified in order to ensure that the teacher’s performances were no longer tied to the pay system but in fact, there other significant needs were being catered to as well. As only by catering to all the various needs of the teachers could the English school system hope to attain its motives and aims.

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