Sample Term Paper

The term labor standard is very broad in nature. It applies to the way workers are treated. The terms includes wide range of ideas with the likes of child labor, forced labor, minimum wages, working hours, the right to organize trade unions right to strike and the health and safety conditions etc.  Advocates of this thought argue that the minimum labor standards should be included in the WTO’s schedule, and provisions should be developed against discrimination at workplace which includes forced or compulsory labor, child labor, abuse, poor working conditions and bargaining rights (WTO).

The relation of international trade and labor standard has become a debatable issue in the past decade.  Advocates of the international enforcement of labor standards present two arguments in this regard. Number one unfair labor practices exist in most of the developing countries and they should be balanced with appropriate trade policy. Secondly social activist argue that workers in developing countries are often exploited with abusive working conditions and their wages are suppressed. The solution which is provided in this regard is that labor standards should be enforced with the world trade organization so increase its importance and with that there would be some uniformity as far as the labor standards are concerned (Wells).

Labor standard have many forms and they are categorized into three basic sections. The first category is the human rights these rights incorporates the basic human rights which include the right of freedom, exploitation, slavery and child labor and these rights are recognized in various declarations of the United nations. After that the second category is of the civic rights which often refer to labor’s position. It includes the right of freedom of association and the effective recognition to the right of collective bargaining. The third and the final section consist of the survival and the security rights. These rights are designed to protect the well being of the labor and providing them with freedom of choice. Broad terms of these rights are the right of a living wage, right of information regarding hazards of job conditions, right to retirement and compensation etc (Maskus). The above mentioned provisions are considered as the core labor standards and because they reflect the vision of morality they are widely accepted and recognized as basic human principles in the declaration of the United Nations.

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