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Many developing countries have their concerns over this and they believe that this issue should not be a part of the WTO framework because once its part of the WTO then the trade actions could be used to impose labor standards. The argument which is being presented by the developing countries in this regard is that the whole campaign of bringing the minimum labor standards in the WTO is actually a proposal from the industrial nations and its only purpose is to derail the trade of the developing countries. Moreover it would also destroy the advantage of lower wage and this would put them further back because the only route for these countries to uplift their labor standards is through trade.  They also argue that the proposed standards are far beyond their capability at this point of time and these standards means asking a bit too much from their level of development (WTO).

This debate goes on and on the developed nations has a point that they are maintaining a certain standard for their labor in trade purposes and these standards are approved from the United Nations as core standards. They believe that bringing this issue under the umbrella of WTO would in other mean a powerful incentive for member nations to uplift their workplace conditions and international coherence which is a term that is used to describe the efforts to ensure that the policies are moving in the right direction (Tapiola).

No definite answer to this question can be given regarding this issue at this time. Hard fought debate is going between the WTO and the ILO to seek out the issue. Members assured that they are committed to recognize core labor standards but these should not be used for protectionism purposes. The questions still remains intact weather the WTO should introduce the minimum labor standards but whatever the decision is one thing which should be ensured is that mutual consensus would be kept in mind.

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