Sample Term Paper

The book provides vivid descriptions of Napoleon’s achievements but lacks in giving appropriate formation regarding Champollion’s accomplishments, it rather emphasizes more on the Linguist’s personal life and his youth.

Moreover there are few blunders in the text, for example, the illustrations of characters are quite confusing, the book moves back and forth between several characters. The writer should have focused on one character at a time. But despite of the flaws it is a fantastic read and is difficult to put it down. The vibrant narrative style of the book paints beautiful pictures in mind; it feels as though the reader himself is traveling aroundEgypt.

The most important element found missing in the text was the depiction of Egyption Tombs and the procedure of making mummies; these are the most important aspects of Egyptian society which should not be missed. Besides that, had Meyerson in his book avoided the description of sexual fetishes, it would have definitely been a more pleasant read.

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