Sample Term Paper

Shakespeare harks back at the “wits of former days” relating to the men of old who were actually responsible for pioneering the efforts that culminate in the creations of today. The whole sonnet basically suggests that men cannot be original as their works, on a general level, are only repeats of what has been done in the past. In stating so, he tries to unearth whether his prose itself has been suggested earlier. On examining his words closely however, Shakespeare seems to be critiquing his own ways more than he is criticizing the unoriginality of inventions in general.

Conclusion with further figurative analysis

Shakespeare provokes the prying eye of the reader to consider this supposed con (of being homosexual) in light of its presence in the old world and may actually be seen to come to a conclusion as he determines that since “the wits of former days, to subjects worse have given admiring praise” (Shakespeare 1609), meaning people have praised worst subjects than his own, his method was justified. His hidden inclinations are no more than a repeat of what people have already exhibited, so cannot be considered bad or scornful (in light of the adverse public view of homosexuals at that time).

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