Sample Term Paper

Unlike mainframe networks, LANs use Distributed computing resources.

a.         Single

b.         Common

c.         Distributed

d.         Personal

2.        True or false: An access method defines the way information is transported through the network

The statement is FALSE. An Access Method is how a node puts information on the network. A transmission method defines the way information passes through the network (McLaughlin & Capriotti, 2002).

3.         Is the LAN market limited to corporate and other large environments, or more broad-based? (About 30 words)

The use of the LAN is now considered a standard in business organization. Many of the organizations have now become totally dependent on LAN to conduct their business and those organizations who do not utilize it are considered an exception from norm. However, the market of LAN is not limited to corporate and business organizations. LAN has found its use in homes as well which is growing day by day. Through improvements in LAN technologies, reduction of LAN hardware price as well as networking support that is present in most computer operating systems nowadays, home LANs have seen tremendous growth in the recent years. The need to share high speed internet connection in homes can also be considered a major contributing factor toward this growth (McLaughlin & Capriotti, 2002).

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