Sample Term Paper


In this era of intense competition and rivalry the importance of marketing cannot be neglected. Now day’s organizations are paying special attention towards marketing, and they are using it as a tool to achieve competitive advantage over their competitors (Gronroos, 1989).

Apart from the organizational side the impact that marketing has on an individual’s life is magnanimous and the truth is that to escape from it is next to impossible. With the bombardment of products coming to an individual’s life every day it’s hard to remember each one of them, but if we analyze closely how a product or service has become an integral part of our life and if we put some thought behind it we would find that there is long process that is behind that product before reaching to the final consumer’s hand.

Definition of marketing:

There is no fix definition of marketing it depends from organization to organization and from business to business. It could be defined as integrated business activities which are designed to develop strategies in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Another version of marketing can be the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service (Kelso, 2004).

Importance of marketing:

The topic of marketing is a very broad one and it covers a long range of concepts including sales, customer relationship, advertising, promotion, distribution, consumer behavior etc.

There is a common misconception that people usually take marketing and sales as one or the same but the reality is that both of these are entirely different concepts. Marketing is solely related to introducing a product or service in the market, promoting it to good extent, manipulating the consumer behavior and developing strategies and tactics to encourage sales. While sales is directly related to the actual transaction that has been occurring at that particular time as a result of that marketing that has been done previously (Dev, 2007).

So the major difference between marketing and sales is that marketing is the strategic part of sales whose primary objective is to sell that particular product or service while sale is the actual transaction of a product or service into the hands of the customer.

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