Sample Term Paper

As regards the Gucci photograph (p. 137), the picture no less than an over step. A man with his back completely exposed to the camera invokes a feeling of awe before it instigates any remotely sensual feelings. Fiddling with one’s underwear can be a delicate task, and thus it is understandable if women find it especially sexual. After all, as Bordo suggests, they are more prone to liking an undressed man than is expected of them. For me, the picture carries with it an air of disdain and thus the contours of the butt, which is the central focus of the theme, are hardly invigorating. Calvin Klein’s Escape (p. 148), on the other hand makes amends in these regards and essentially depicts manhood in its rawest form.

The raised arm, the perfect pecks, the stomach and the stern gaze point towards one thing and one thing only, male masculinity. The entire package thus invokes an understandably erotic response without making obvious any parts of the male genitalia.


Bordo points out that the innate female sexuality is much accustomed to responding to sexual displays of the opposite sex if given a chance, and is only kept from surfacing by cultural inhibitions which seem to curb the freedom of female sexuality. She wisely puts herself in the driving seat and her subject position with regards to the erotic responses enable readers to understand the depth with which these ads are designed and the pleasure females obtain from them, even though they are marketing menswear. Be that as it may, these pictures invoke feelings of appreciation only at the hands of the homosexual males and the straight or bisexual females, leaving heterosexual males out of the loop which means that the audience mainly comprises contemporary sexually charged females who may not be appreciating the true beauty of male masculinity but simply fulfilling their drive.

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