Sample Term Paper


The case focuses on the world’s first mass produced hybrid passenger car – Prius – manufactured by the world’s second largest automaker Toyota Motors. The case explains the new hybrid technology used in the car. The primary purpose of the report is to create a marketing plan for our desired product that is Toyota Prius. Currently Toyota Prius is the world’s first volume production hybrid car with current total sales of over 110,000 units worldwide. In this regard our target is to increase the market interest in our product which would eventually result in increased sales for the Toyota Prius. The marketing strategy is designed in a way which would focus on the following points:

  • Place the Toyota Prius in front of the public.
  • Communicate a message about the hybrid vehicles, its features and benefits.
  • Increase the public’s awareness and positive opinion about the vehicle.
  • Ultimately increase market penetration.

In short the primary objective of the paper is to develop a strategy for marketing the product in the UK.

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