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Sample Term Paper

The role of marketing is still not defined in organizations and still people who done know much about marketing believe that the marketing staff in the organization is not a specialized staff and that anyone can do what they are doing. But the fact is that marketing is the core business activity which helps the organizations to achieve their goals. Let’s take an example of a manufacturing firm who has developed its desired product but for some reason or the other was not able to market it properly meaning that the customers were not properly guided about the product that how it could help in serving their problem or how the product would prove worthy in reducing their problem that they are facing. Result would be that when the customer would be unaware of the product then how they would make an effort to purchase it. Eventually all the efforts that were made by the manufacturing department would get into vain because of the negligence in marketing and promotion (Kursija, 2009).

Another notion that is getting into market is to seek guidance from a professional marketing agency that would help the organization in devising a strategy. Another option is that to have the assistance of a marketing consultant that would guide the marketing department and provide a roadmap to the marketing department. Apart from the expertise part another advantage of having an outside marketing agency is that they would be free from the inside politics of the organization and biasness factor would be minimized. Also these professionals are very well aware of the strategy that works best for a particular product.

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