Sample Term Paper

In order to maximize the views for the website, the design of the website must also take into consideration the technology limitation of software and hardware. Hence, it is recommended that the website should be redesigned using only commonly accepted media and languages such as graphics, videos, HTML and JavaScript. Multimedia content such as Flash movies can be included, however, their use should be made to deliver important or necessary information many user may not have the Flash plug-in installed.

It is also important to keep in mind that the website visitors are generally impatient and do not wait long for content to be loaded, hence the website must be optimizes to include content which does not affect its loading time. Usability test on various browsers as a well as traffic monitoring facility should also be utilized to optimize content of web pages while ensuring the each page on the website delivers the information that a user expect from it (Human Factor 2010).

Recommendations for this website include its complete redesign with a site architecture and page flow that matches the work flow of users. It is also recommend that the website should employ a standard template for all its pages which would group links leading to different section of the website in one place. The website should be remade to be based on HTML, JavaScript and graphics while multimedia use should be minimal. Furthermore, usability test as well as traffic counters should be used on each page to determine the amount of traffic on each web page so that modifications can be done to those pages which lack features to attract enough traffic.

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