Sample Term Paper

The Medical Lexicon Dictionary provided information on the definition of terms and as well as in detail explanation. This site provided an old dictionary based option and a new dictionary based option making it easier for the people use to old dictionaries to search for their required information as well. The information provided by this website was also complete and comprehensive at the same time. The site also provided an option of alphabetical navigation for the search

The drug indices that I have been able to come across are Rx List and Web MD.

As with all the websites analyzed till now the website for Rx List also provided a simple and easy to use user interface which provided a search option for the drugs. The website also depicted a section on a featured drug/ medication topic which is updated on a daily basis. It also contains a section specifically for consumers where the consumers can get to know about information pertaining to the ingredients in the drugs and the purpose of the drug aside form this the information pertaining to the side effects and the results of the drug are also depicted in the search results. The website also shows a list on the main page pertaining to the drugs according to their names in alphabetical order as well as the prescription dispensed.


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