Sample Term Paper

The problem that gives rise to mediation is the presence of too many elements in the surrounding environment and the incapacity of the person top observe and research without conflict and bias. As a result what Descartes wants to do about it is to relieve himself of these elements and to reflect on the minute details by meditation.He wants to establish a scientific structure for his research which is complete and without bias.
He believes that it is unnecessary to show that all his believes are false as he states that it is wastage of time and that he can to a much better job by starting new and afresh with a clean slate

He believes that it is unnecessary to go through his believes one by one as it is a wastage of time and will not provide him with a solution. Instead he proposes that he should start over again by using an alternative method
He rejects the evidence of the sense as he says that they make a person become immune and tune out the minute things that comprise the environment and that in order to get the bigger picture it is necessary to observe the fine and minute details as well. His answer to this argument is to mediate and not use his senses but his brain to do the observation.
He brings up the possibility that he might be mad as he is shunning his use of the sense which is characteristic of the insane people. However he rejects this by stating that everything needs to be observed and reflected upon and ion order to do so alternative methods can be employed.


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