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For years there is a constant debate going over to find the factors that motivates an individual or influence their behavior. After this the question which comes to the mind is that either there is a single tool which can be used for everyone, an instrument which always proves out to be successful as far as motivation is concerned (Leshner, 2007).

The most important thing in this in this regard is to identify that individual’s personality, believes and attitudes. There are different types of people around us; all with different set of skills, different aspirations and different things motivates them. Everyone have different fondness in life, different set of goals, so everyone have different priorities when it comes to motivational factors. Some may be motivated by monetary incentives but on the other hand other may not. One thing which is certain till now is that there is no single formula by which everyone can be motivated. The single common thing in every human being is that they all are different so there must be different things from which they get motivated (Dennis, 2007).

In modern psychology the most important thing on which the researchers are focusing are the motivating factors that entice one to do what one does. If we further narrow down this then it lead us towards the study of addiction, social interactivity, thought process and motivation.

Now there can be number of factors which influence the brain structures and functions that are associated with motivation in abstaining the usage of drug. These include the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, the environment in which that individual is moving, and the heredity.

Influencing a person’s behavior is a very demanding job and in order to successfully go through this exercise the most important thing which is required is a comprehensive knowledge of that individual’s values, beliefs, attitude, their preference, and those forces that molds them in following a particular action. Research has shown that although the environment in which the person is moving plays a vital role but the person’s functions of brain is the most crucial part, as brain is controlling all the activities of the body (DiClemente, 1999).

Brain Structures and Functions:

The physical changes are mainly caused by the chronic substance abuse, which have a large impact on the functioning of the brain. Studies have shown that the structure of the brain changes radically with the usage of drug which eventually results in carvings, tolerance, withdrawal, abstinence etc.

Apart from that the use of drug also results in an increase of dopamine, which causes the sensitivity of euphoria, which is the compelling force of drug use.

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