Sample Term Paper

As the business world is getting more and more complex the importance of human resource is growing in stature. Managers of today’s business world have identified that the human resource is their most valuable asset, an asset which cannot be easily imitated by their competitors and that is why the need for keeping their employees motivated and satisfied is increasing (Dawson, 1987).

When it comes to motivation then the question that arises in the mind of the managers is that what makes their employees motivated. There are two broad categories in which motivation at work is segmented is the extrinsic motivational factors and the intrinsic motivators. The extrinsic motivators’ deals with mainly the external factors like salary, workplace condition, job security etc. on the other hand the intrinsic motivators contributes to the inner satisfaction of the employee, opportunity to prove their worth., importance of their work and recognition, how their work is being viewed in the outside world etc (Wiley, 1997).

If both of these factors are expanded, it can be said that both of them are needs of an individual which makes them motivated, and keeps them satisfied with their job. This concept of need leads us towards the most important theory related to motivation that is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

According to Maslow, human needs can be categorized into a hierarchy of five segments. An individual is standing on one of the five steps of this need ladder and cannot go up until and unless that particular need is not fulfilled. These needs are:

  1. Physiological needs
  2. Safety needs
  3. Social needs
  4. Sneed for self esteem
  5. Self actualization

The important thing which should be kept in mind regarding the Maslow’s theory is that according to Maslow an individual cannot jump to a higher need until its previous need is not fulfilled. The physiological needs refer to the very basic needs of any human being that is the need to eat when they are hungry and thirst when feeling thirsty need for rest when they are tired etc and other bodily needs (Bonnera, 2002). Second need on the hierarchy is the safety needs, this type of need deals with the security regarding physical and emotional harm. After that comes the social need and as its name suggest it’s related with the need of affection, friendship, belongingness, the need of being loved etc. After that is the need of self esteem and recognition, this also includes the factors like self respect, status, recognition and attention. And last but not the least is the self actualization need which is the ultimate need of an individual, it’s related with inner achievement and pride for self (Myers, 1998).

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