Sample Term Paper

Capricorn Mini Mart is a relatively new comer to the retailer market, however, provides products to its customers at very competitive or even cheap prices. As a newcomer to the market, Capricorn needs a quick, efficient and cheap way to market and sell its products. However, as traditional marketing mechanisms are expensive, having an online presence provides a much better way for a company to enhance its growth and sales. The online website would allow Capricorn to cater to the needs of those individuals who are unable to come to the store for one reason or the other. It would also allow Capricorn to target a new market of customers, which exists online.

Project Deliverables

The website that would be developed for Capricorn Mini Mart would be delivered as a single package containing multiple components. This website would include a product catalog section that would be viewable to customers. This catalog section will list links to categories pages, each of which will contain a list of one or more product accompanied by their prices, details and any valid offer on them. The product change section would allow the website to set-up new, delete or change existing product categories and items. The main screen will contain ads and links to some of the best offers given by Capricorn online and in-store. The user will also be able to login to the website from main screen. The customer information would be maintained in a separate user profile section where the customer would able to modify personal information as well as payment modes and display settings. There would also be a checkout section where use credentials for payments would be taken and verified.

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