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He is left for some time before a search team finds him. After the rescue, the mother turns of him and whips him with a leather belt severally till he bleeds. At eleven years of age, Hall faces more traumas when his sitter, a 22 years old man sexually abuses him continually. These incidences are too hard for the young boy’s mind, so they slip to the consciousness and he remembers years later after attending yoga classes. Nkara carefully shows how the aspect of unconscious becomes a reality.

In my opinion, the Nkara’s film title ‘Downpour Resurfacing’ is a reflection of a painful past experience. The ‘downpour’ is an unfortunate event that happened long ago and has been forgotten. This brings the aspects of ‘resurfacing’ which implies that some circumstances arise which uncover the truth, causing the flooding back of that past unfortunate event. Nkara (4) demonstrates this through the incidences of child abuse underwent by Hall as the downpour.

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