Sample Term Paper

The push for standards and accountability which has been given impetus by No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act is congruent with developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) in a number of ways. NCLB is aimed at increasing the standard on education in schools in the US, addressing the same problems that have been highlighted by DAP perspective in the DAP position paper published in 2009. In the paper, it has been highlighted that early childhood years play a very important role in shaping up the future of the children.

Three challenges highlighted in this regard are reducing the learning gap and increasing the children’s achievement, creating better connected education for pre-school and elementary children as well as recognition of teacher knowledge. Through early provision of academic content standards for grades 3-8, the NCLB takes a step forward in providing the children with good early education. Also, the US is a country which people from different culture and ethnicities reside. Children belonging to different culture, especially African American and Hispanic, experience a totally different culture at school which has dramatically negative affect on their performance while also affecting the performance of the school.

One of the factors contributing toward the creation of this learning gap  is their exposure to language. The school-level performance is further degraded by the fact that children belonging to poor families also have lower levels of skill in language, reading and mathematics. In the NCLB act, however, these skills have given particular emphasis through early enforcement of academic content standards. NCLB also provides for better connected education by introducing accountability for every school in improving the standard of education, mandating schools to provide detail report cards on students’ performance to their children as well as establishing the foundations to significantly improve the administration and involvement of parents in decision making on instruction, curriculum and business practices.  Also NCLB places importance in teacher knowledge for proper education by enforcing “Highly Skilled Teacher” clause which states that the  teachers are now required to be fully licensed and certified by the states and must have a bachlors degree (NAEYC, 2009).

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